Find out why you should run your next application on Structure.
One-Command Deploy
By installing the Structure command-line interface (CLI), you’ll be able to deploy web applications to the cloud with just one command. No more setting up or maintaining servers – Structure handles it all automatically.
Serverless Architecture
Run applications in the cloud without managing or thinking about servers. Structure can automatically run and scale your website or application in seconds.
Multiple Environments
Launch multiple instances of your applications on the fly. Want to have separate instances for staging and production, or separate instances for different feature branches? Just run `structure deploy my-new-instance`.
Cloud Editor
Structure comes with a beautiful online IDE that lets you see and edit your code in the cloud. Make a quick change, or even a new feature, and just click ‘Reload’ to see your changes live in the cloud.
Managed Databases
Create a managed MySQL database for your application with one click. It’ll run in-network with security groups already configured. It’s the easiest way to get a production database running.
SSL and Custom Domains
Structure configures and rotates SSL certicates so all applications run over HTTPS. For custom domains, Structure will create a Let’s Encrypt certificate for your domain automatically.
Personalized Support
Running into an issue, or need help getting set up on Structure? We’d love to help. Reach out and we’ll sit down 1-on-1 to help you get running.
Contact Us
For support requests, press inquiries, and general information, reach out at help@structure.sh.